Published at: 24-10-2023 - Latest update: 01-02-2024
greek flag in parade
Celebrating Ohi Day is a big celebration in Greece

Every year on the 28th of October, Greece commemorates Ohi Day, a significant historical event that marks the country's resilience and determination. On this day, Greece said "no" to Mussolini's ultimatum in 1940, setting the stage for their participation in World War II. Among the various festivities that take place across the country, one of the most remarkable experiences can be found on the beautiful island of Crete. Visiting the Ohi Day parade in Crete is an incredible journey through history and a celebration of Greek culture and heritage.

The Parade's Setting

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is not only known for its stunning landscapes but also for its rich history. The Ohi Day parade in Crete is held in various towns and cities across the island. Among the most famous are Chania, Rethymno, and Heraklion, where the parade takes place with great enthusiasm, showcasing local pride and patriotism.

The Parade Experience

As you make your way to the parade in Crete, you'll be struck by the palpable sense of anticipation and community spirit. The streets are adorned with Greek flags, and the atmosphere is electric. Locals of all ages come together to honor the past and celebrate their country's courage.

The parade itself is a grand spectacle. Marching bands play traditional Greek music, and participants proudly wear their traditional costumes, representing the various regions of Crete. The Greek flag takes center stage, held high by young and old alike.

One of the most moving aspects of the Crete Ohi Day parade is the presence of veterans who participated in World War II, often riding in open cars. The respect and admiration shown to these veterans is palpable, as the crowd erupts in applause and cheers for their sacrifices and courage.

The highlight of the parade is the reenactment of key moments from the Ohi Day events in 1940. This vivid portrayal serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience and valor of the Greek people during difficult times.

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Food and Festivities

After the parade, you can explore the local food and drink scene in Crete. Indulge in traditional Greek cuisine, including moussaka, souvlaki, myzithropita and baklava. Sip on local wines or a refreshing glass of ouzo or raki to savor the true essence of Crete's culinary culture.

Local markets may also be in full swing during Ohi Day, offering a variety of handcrafted souvenirs and local products. It's an excellent opportunity to pick up unique gifts and immerse yourself in the island's vibrant arts and crafts scene.

Visiting the Ohi Day parade in Crete is a journey through history, culture, and tradition. It's a chance to witness the unwavering spirit of the Greek people and celebrate their resilience. If you find yourself in Crete on the 28th of October, make sure to join the festivities, honor the past, and immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant atmosphere that is Ohi Day in Greece.