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Crete ... an ideal destination during the winter too!

An off-season trip to Crete during winter months would be the right time to enjoy the peaceful nature and explore uncrowded p...

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Unforgettable Winter Days in Crete… along with your family or friends

Stop dreaming and having second thoughts…. It’s Christmas time and Crete with beautiful scenery and a wide range of sightseei...

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Crete and festive meals!

Christmas magic is all around… Moreover, once you taste the famous Cretan cuisine, you can never forget it. For that reason l...

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Cretan Mantinades: A genuine folk creativity

"Mantinada is the voice that express a masculine but extremely sensitive soul: the Cretan Soul", as the poet and writer Nikos...

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Crete.. a walker's paradise

Crete is not only a summer destination, but also an ideal choice for any time around the year. Pick a jeep and explore the...

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An exotic vibe... in Crete

If you have ever thought to lay down on an exotic beach, Crete is an ideal destination for leisure and relaxation. Whoever ca...

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