Published at: 24-10-2023 - Latest update: 22-01-2024
people drinking raki
Raki is a clear grape spirit produced by farmers, wineries, distilleries and families throughout Crete

Crete is not just about stunning landscapes and delicious cuisine; it's also the home of a time-honored tradition - the distillation of Raki.

The Grape Harvest

The journey of Raki begins in the vineyards of Crete, where the plump, sun-kissed grapes are carefully harvested. The grape harvest is not just an agricultural event; it's a time of celebration and community spirit. Families and friends gather to pick the grapes by hand, and it's a joyous occasion filled with laughter and camaraderie. This tradition is as important as the olive harvesting in Crete.

Turning Grapes into precious Raki

Once the grapes are harvested, they undergo a magical transformation into Raki. The distillation process is both an art and a science. The grapes are crushed and the juice is fermented to create wine. Then, the wine is distilled to produce the precious liquid known as "tsikoudia" or "raki." The process is often carried out in traditional distilleries, and the scent of the grape spirit wafts through the air.

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Time-Honored Techniques

The distillation process is steeped in tradition. Copper stills are often used, and the distillers carefully monitor the temperature to ensure only the finest spirit is collected. It's a craft that's passed down through generations, with each distiller adding their unique touch to the final product.

The Art of Tasting

And now, the best part - tasting the finished Raki! It's a spirited experience, to say the least. Raki is traditionally served in small glasses, and its potent flavor and warming sensation make it a cherished drink in Crete. Locals often pair it with meze, a selection of small, flavorful dishes that complement the drink beautifully.

A Toast to Tradition

Distillation of Raki is not just about making a drink; it's about preserving a piece of Crete's history. It's a toast to the rich cultural heritage of this magnificent island, and it's a tradition that brings people together, creating memories and connections that last a lifetime.

So, the next time you're in Crete, don't miss the opportunity to witness the ancient art of Raki distillation. It's a journey through time, a celebration of community, and a taste of pure precious Raki.