Published at: 03-08-2022 - Latest update: 01-02-2024
country road with mountainous background
A selection of some of the best road trips one can do in Crete

Planning to visit the beautiful island of Crete and… take the roads? Do you love to go around beautiful places by car? Then Crete is indeed the perfect destination for you, an island of thousands of experiences, images, and memories waiting to be collected. Crete is a hidden paradise for road trips that will steal your heart. Car rental in Crete is the best, most convenient, and most flexible way to explore the island. The images alternate with each other in just a few kilometers, filling the eye and the soul. Keep reading this special blog post and plan a unique trip that you will remember forever.

We start with Heraklion-Knossos-Faistos-Matala: A road trip of history and culture

Starting from the convenient location of Heraklion, you will first have the opportunity to take a walk on the beach and in the city center to the famous lions and head to the Archaeological Museum. The large collections of samples of Minoan works of art are perhaps the most representative samples of Minoan civilization, as it is one of the best and most complete collections in the world!

ancient minoan palace in Crete
Heraklion offers unique opportunities for engaging with ancient Minoan culture

At that point, you can reach Eurodollar’s Heraklion office and our specialized staff will help you to find the right car in the location that suits you and then start an amazing road trip with the first stop at the archeological site of Knossos. You may not find the labyrinth and the Minotaur, but you will find the ruins of the historic palace after about 3,000 years after the flourishing and destruction of the Minoan civilization.  A trip to Knossos, a unique archeological site in the world, should definitely be on your list!

Continuing the cultural wandering, you should not miss visiting the Minoan palace of Phaistos, one of the most important centres of Minoan civilization and the most important, concerning the wealth and the power, city of southern Crete.

At the end of this beautiful trip with your rental car from Eurodollar, make a stop at Matala, a sandy beach,  which is located in a large closed bay. Matala became famous when hippies from all over the world came here in the 1960s to live in its famous caves located next to the beach. Dive into crystal clear waters and do not miss the time when the sun sets in the deep blue Libyan sea.

Do not forget that all these wonderful destinations can be easily discovered with the ideal car that you will have chosen from Eurodollar Rental Car in Crete.


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Rethymno-Preveli Beach-Sfakia Village: The treasure of small villages

Want to visit one of the two palm tree beaches on Crete? Rent your Car from Eurodollar! Around the area of Rethymno, we can arrange to meet you either at Rethymno Port, Rethymno city Centre or you could choose from our wide selection of the most popular areas.

Τhen, you are ready to start a route of 45 minutes that includes magical places of unique beauty. From Rethymno follow the road to the south, in the direction of Spili - Agia Galini. Spend the day exploring the traditional village of Spili, the amazing scenery of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge, and the mediaeval Monastery of Preveli.

exotic trees in riverbank
Preveli in Rethymno, Crete is a picturesque, exotic beach

After this unique tour, you will reach Preveli Palm Beach below the monastery at the mouth of the Kourtaliotiko. It is the most idyllic beach and one of the most famous in Southern Crete and it is certain that you will be enchanted by its exotic beauty. On the beach, there are two taverns where you can taste excellent traditional food. Τhen if your final destination is the village of Sfakia you can along the way discover wonderful small villages and beaches such as Plakias, Sellia, Rodakino.

Undoubtedly Crete is a destination that has infinite places to discover. The best way is to rent a safe car and live the ultimate road experience. We hope you make the decision to explore this outstanding place and Eurodollar Rent A Car In Crete will help you in every way to plan a trip full of wonderful routes to discover.

Stay tuned for more road trips, as only locals can suggest and describe.