Published at: 07-12-2015 - Latest update: 18-01-2024
autumn landscape in village
Crete climate and landscape offer unique opportunities for winter trips

An off-season trip to Crete during winter months would be the right time to enjoy the peaceful nature and explore uncrowded places around the island. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can enjoy the Cretan cuisine, traditional villages and the calmness that is prevailed throughout the island. Moreover, most archaeological sites and museums remain open during winter time.

Our largest island is covered by sunshine during winter months too. Come prepared for intense winds and rainfall, but in general, Crete is blessed by the Mediterranean climate. Most of the days you will enjoy the bright island light, as daytime temperatures rises over 22Cdegrees Celcius. In the evening, Raki (traditional alcohol drink) and a fireplace can warm you up!

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Tip: Follow one of the Wine Routes of Crete to discover old vineyards, special monasteries, wine factories and picturesque villages.
The Eurodollar team has compilled a list of suggested wine tasting tour ideas.

Have a nice winter and Happy holidays!