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Fiat 500c (automatic)

The Fiat 500 Convertible is a small, stylish two-door convertible car that is based on the Fiat 500 hatchback. It features a retractable fabric roof that can be opened or closed at the push of a button, providing an open-air driving experience. The exterior of the Fiat 500 Convertible is characterized by its retro-inspired design, with rounded lines, a curvy body, and a distinctive front grille. The car has a length of 3,571mm, a width of 1,627mm, and a height of 1,488mm, making it compact and maneuverable in tight city spaces. The interior of the Fiat 500 Convertible is cozy and stylish, with a combination of modern and retro design elements. The dashboard features a circular speedometer and a central infotainment display, while the seats are comfortable and supportive. Despite its small size, the car has enough space for two passengers and a small amount of luggage. In terms of safety features, the Fiat 500 Convertible comes with advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning, rear parking sensors, and hill start assist. The car also has seven airbags and a reinforced body structure to protect passengers in the event of a collision. Overall, the Fiat 500 Convertible is a fun and stylish little car that is perfect for city driving and cruising around in the Cretan sun. Its retro-inspired design and open-air driving experience make it a popular choice for drivers who want something unique and enjoyable for their rides in Crete.

fuel type Petrol
transmission type Automatic
number of passengers 4 Passengers
airbags 2 Airbags
luggage capacity 2 Luggage
number of doors 2 Doors

Driver Age 23

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Fiat 500c (automatic, petrol)

CLASS: Group V

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Fiat 500c (automatic, petrol)

CLASS: Group V
03-10-2023 12:00  - 10-10-2023 12:00
Heraklion Αirport - Heraklion Αirport
  • Initial Price 60
  • After hours pickup 40
  • Final Price 100

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